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About the Lake Harriet Environment Council (LHEC)

The LHEC first convened informally in 2017 as a group of residents concerned about the masses of milfoil covering the surface of Lake Harriet. 

Public meetings were held with the Department of Natural Resources and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to understand the options for management of milfoil.


Subsequently, the Council has supported bicycle path safety, beach maintenance, clearing of invasive plants, addressing goose/human conflict, turtle protection and infrastructure maintenance – including the bandshell.


Improving water quality remains an ongoing area of focus for the Council.

Questions? Contact Sally Guillet via email or 612-708-3805.

Bald eagle in tree at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN

Lake Harriet is a treasured urban oasis for people and wildlife.

The Lake Harriet Environment Council is comprised of local residents who are committed to restoring, protecting and enhancing the natural environment at Lake Harriet.

Sunset photo of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board logo

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we work collaboratively with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to:


  • Restore natural areas and enhance wildlife habitat

  • Improve and protect lake water quality

  • Promote and coordinate volunteer opportunities

  • Educate residents on supporting a healthy and biodiverse environment

  • Advocate for responsible care and maintenance of parkland and infrastructure



The focus of our work is Lake Harriet and adjacent parkland including Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Beard’s Plaissance, William Berry Woods and Lyndale Park.

LHEC Board members

Sally Guillet   President (term ending June 30, 2024)   Email


Paul Jackson   Vice President (term ending June 30, 2025)   Email
Paul Ragozzino   Secretary (term ending June 30, 2026)   Email


Jane Jarosch   Treasurer (term ending June 30, 2024)   Email


Lois Beckmen   (term ending June 30, 2026)   Email 


Andrea Candlin   (term ending June 30, 2025)   Email 


James Nicholas   (term ending June 30, 2024)   Email


Richard Schmidt   (term ending June 30, 2024)   Email

Woodpeckers in tree at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN
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